Monday, 23 March 2015

Dear Friends,

Professor Park, Jae Woo

Founder of SuJok Therapy & Triorigin Science

He  conducted ground-breaking research on micro-acupuncture. His collected papers are published in 455 articles on acupuncture and alternative medicine and 248 books.
Among the most important of the books are:
  • The Thumb is the Head (correspondence systems)
  • The Triorigin World (the triorigin system)
  • Lectures on SuJok Therapy (Six Ki theory)
  • Eight-Origin Theory SuJok Nail Therapy (diamond energy system)
  • M-Particle Theory
  • SuJok Ki (SuJok Ki zone, palm leaves)
  • Twist Therapy (towel twist, twist walking)
  • Sam Won Dong (the healing power of spiral motions)
  • Smile Yoga (spiral triorigin gymnastics)
  • Smile Meditation

Among other books and monographs written by Prof Park, the following may be noted:
  • SuJok Therapy
  • SuJok Acupuncture
  • Onnuri SuJok Therapy
  • The Fundamentals of SuJok
  • Space energies
  • SuJok in Emergency Cases
  • Time Energies
  • Atlas of the Body Energy System
  • SuJok for Everybody
  • Finger Therapy
  • How To Become Your Own SuJok Doctor
  • SuJok Seed Therapy
  • Guide to SuJok Therapy
  • Onnuri Head Correspondence Systems
  • Unnuri Trunk & Limbs Correspondence Sytems
  • Onnuri Auricular Therapy, vols. 1,2,3
  • SuJok Acupuncture, vols. 1,2
  • Six Ki Herb Medicine
  • Finger Toe Therapy
  • Onnuri Twist Therapy
  • Direction Therapy
  • Smile Breath
  • Triorigin Smile Meditation
and many others..


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